Fiscal Woes

My money does a disappearing act everytime I try to save some.Month after month my vows of saving come to a naught.And I just see the same figure at the end of every month.The fact remains that I am a lousy tracker of money & a splendid spender(is “spender” a word or did I just coin one??).I find it too cumbersome a task to maintain a daily ledger of my fiscal prudences & imprudences. I try to console myself by saying that inflation has increased & these are tough times.Though the petrol prices have come down the autowallahs still charge a premium rate from anywhere to anywhere in Pune.I have been trying to save money to buy a 2 wheeler for quite some time now with absolutely no success.
Its only now that I am beginning to appreciate how difficult it must have been for my parents when they were trying to bring me up.I was never a very demanding child but my parents had too many liabilities.Hence money was kinda scarce.We never went out to eat.The first time I ate out was when I was 14 years old that too at a friend’s B’day party.I never had B’day parties.But mom & dad always ensured that we had something special for the people who remembered & dropped in.We never went out for movies.The first movie I saw in a hall was Jurassic Park when I was 8 years old.Post that I saw a movie in a hall after 9 years.My parents are also strong believers in the virtues of austerity & frugality.And I was simply too young to see any merit in their arguements.What I saw instead was that my cosins & friends had lots pf pretty frocks & dresses & shoes while I had very few of these & which looked straight out of some bygone era.I used to crib & sulk about all this endlessly.However my parents never denied me anything that could add to my learning or skill acquisition.My dance classes,my music classes,my debating trips & all other stuff.I was encouraged to read a lot.My parents got me membership form libraries so that I could read to my heart’s content.Although I wished that I could own books,I still do ,books were never scarce.So while my cosins wore nice frocks & looked pretty I was busy learning things that set me apart from people.
Now in retrospect I realize how wise my parents are.They have done so much more for me.With the money that they had they have given me learnings for my life.Not just learnings But talents that will always set me apart from the rest.How I wish I could take back my stinging words & tell them how much I appreciate what they have done for me.I now realize how difficult the choices must have been for them & what all they must have denied themselves so that my life could be better than theirs.I can’t thank them enough for everything that they have done for me.

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