A whole new blog.I just like the fact that wordpress has so many interesting features.I hope to blog a lot more frequently than I currently do.

So many things have happened lately.My life has gone fron being a little less happening to a lot happening.The most significant being telling mommy about Neil.The way she reacted was quite predictable .And I can see a very long & difficult haul ahead.But the good part is that the burden of not having told mamma about an important part of my life is gone.The downside is that mommy dearest is very worried now.But then that was tradeoff that I had to make no matter what.I am in a very tight spot now.The squeeze is already taking a toll on me .And that when I know that the worst is yet to come.I wish my mother would look at things differently.I don’t agree when my elders say that arranged marriages ensure that everything would be perfect.Its not like I will be treated like Queen Elizabeth if I were to get married to a guy my parents find for me.Or that I would not have to make compromises or that my life would continue the way it is right now.I see so many couples who have had arranged marriages just continuing things for the sake of their children or for someone else’s sake.What is the point in putting up this facade for the sake of a society which anyways does not care too hoots about you.So while you maintain the facade for someone else you are slowly dying inside.Anyways lets see how things turn out.

Things at work have got a lot more interesting.I am handling one more segment.That it has been a segment were we have been losing money for the past 3 months makes things very challenging.Value added services is a rather tricky segment to handle.For the simple reason that its all about hit & trial and then seeing what works.The pitfall is that one does not have so much of time on hand to experiment.While I do all the experimenting in the world my segment takes a direct hit & then comes the SOS from my boss!!!Also continues my daily struggle with Excel.It sure is a powerful tool,albeit masteryover this tool has been evading me for some time now.Everyday I struggle with some new feature.However the learning is tremendous & I am having fun.No doubt things are hectic & stressful ,but nothing beats the high of seeing your idea yield the magical numbers.
Last friday I was quite touched when I realised that My name figured in the “Know your colleague” exercise .That somebody noticed that my “Come to me” number is a favourite in my team was rather overwhelming.That is how life catches me unawares.Even at the IMT farewell I was simply overwhelmed by the fact that I was voted the most favourite senior.It was completely unexpected & that was the beauty of it.

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