Being nothing of a cook & much of a foodie I tend to eat out quite frequently.Pune has many places to offer in that respect. Hence I have decided to document all my gustatory ramblings.

Last Friday we went to this place called Ahling.Its a small tucked away place bang opposite to Ruby hall clinic,behind Southern Spice. This place specializes in Chinese cuisine. It has a seating capacity of about 35-45 people(ground floor &first floor combined ).The interiors are quite minimally done up. Right next to the stairs was this stained glass work showing a Chinese man with the trademark moustache. We sat on the ground floor and soon enough a friendly waiter brought us the menu. There was wide choice of both vegetarian & non-vegetarian dishes. I was told that the servings here are quite big. Hence we decided to stick to fewer items. For starters we ordered Mongolian chicken. There were about 8-9 pieces of fried boneless chicken. It was a tad disappointing cos I had had a better version of Mongolian chicken somewhere else. For maincourse we ordered Prawns in oyster sauce, Chilly Garlic Chicken Noodles & chicken barbeque sauce. And true to their word, the portions were quite large. The prawns were quite well done & soft & crunchy I crunched away in pure delight. And of course sweet. The chicken barbeque tasted like honey chicken & was also sweet . Nonetheless the chicken pieces were plenty & with chilly garlic noodles were quite palatable The chilly garlic noodles were mildly flavoured & had a sprinkling of carrots& beans.After the overdose of sweet dishes we wished to have something spicy .Here the waiter came to our rescue & offered to get us a prawn dish that would be very spicy. And true to his word, he brought us a hot & very spicy prawn dish. I do not know the name of the dish but it had a generous sprinkling of green chilies & again the prawns were soft & crunchy. And boy did the chillies kick in with a vengeance. To calm the senses down we ordered a dish of date pancakes with Icecream.The pancakes had this huge ice-cream serving on top with 2 cherries on top to complete the effect. Trust me I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The pancakes were quite big & doused with the ice cream were quite a treat. The flavors were many, the characteristic sweet of the dates & the chilled sweet of the ice cream.
And the bill was quite affordable!!!!!
A great place to hang out with family or friends .In fact its is also a place where you can sneak off for an afternoon working day meal.I for sure had a great eating experience & would definitely be heading out there more frequently.

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