Barbeque nation

Continuing on my quest of places that offer gastronomical delights I checked out Barbeque Nation at Viman Nagar in Pune.It is one of the newer places in Pune.Because it came highly recommended I was all the more eager to try the place out.

The interiors are quite cosy.Initially when we walked in ,the AC at full blast chilled us to our bones.But then soon enough we found out why the AC’s were at full blast.As soon as we sat down an attendant came ans asked us if we knew how the food was served here.He then told us that the food was unlimited & weren”t we delighted.
He then proceeded to move the holder of sauces & dips to either side of the table and removed the metallic square at the centre. And lo & behold he revealed a pit which had a barbeque grill with red burning coals .The food arrived soon .The grills were pre cooked in the kitchen & were kept warm at the table barbeque pit.

They also provide a range of sauces & dips to brush the grills with.
For starters we had Thai grilled Veg,Chilly potatoes,Prawns,Thai fish in mango sauce,Shammi kebabs,Murgh Angara & Paneer Tikka.And these are all unlimited. The 2 point fork for removing the skewered grills made things easy for us. Of all the starters I think the murgh angaras,the prawns & the mushrooms were the best. A brush of lemon sauce on the grills made the offerings really tangy & spicy.

The second batch of shammi kebabs were a little uncooked on the inside. However the mushrooms were simply yummy.It was here that we decided that I realized that if I wanted to have the main course & the desserts ,I would have to fold the flag down.Because I was a lready very full,I decided to skip the soup & go straight to the buffet.For salads they had tangy corn & pasta ,cabbage & beet root in mayonnaise, sun dried tomatoes & capsicum & something else too.I had one serving if each & decided that the corn & pasta was the best of the lot .They also had freshly cut fruits on the platter. If nothing else just the colour added spice to the spread .(I like seeing a lot of color on my platter) .
Post this for the main course they had Mutton biiryani (with some fancy name),Crabs in schezwan sauce & a murgh curry .The mutton biryani was just about ok,not too great.The carbs I did not have but I was told by my friend that they were quite nice .

Now came the best part of all. There was such a wide spread of desserts that this place could easily become a sweet haven. There was phirnee,brownie,blueberry cheese cake,ice-cream with a range of toppings,angoori gulabjamuns & some kind of pastrie.The phirnee was simply delightful ,lightly sweetened ,just the right taste. And the brownie was as always delightful( I like brownie u see).

All this came at Rs 450 plus taxes. Full marks for the concept & the prompt service, however the food left much to be desired. Though the starters & the main course did not live up to the expectations, the dessert were definitely delectable.If anything I would recommend the place for its desserts to the ones with a sweettooth.

If you want to check it out ,Its near Agakhan Palace,behind dass showroom,Kalyani Nagar,Nagar road,Pune.

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