The other one in my Man’s life

I have wondered for long on what was the magical charm that this other one exerted over my man. She has him hooked onto her like nothing else in the world. He cares for her as he has cared for none else. He pampers her to the hilt. When he talks about her the pride in his words is unmistakable. I only feel envious when I see the passion he has for her. He seeks her out when he wants some peace. She is the only one he shares his solitude with. He shares his joys & sorrows with her. They seem to share an unspoken bond where the other just understands things.

He simply detests any kind of separation with this other one. And if ,god forbid ,for some reason if you were the reason for their separation then god save you .I have not seen him more furious than the time I deliberately designed their separation & botched up their plans. He calls her the First love of his life & you can imagine how left out yours sincerely feels. She also graces his orkut profile pic .She is his companion on all escapades & adventures. She is by default a part of all the holidays we plan. I have spent agonizing moments trying to unravel the mystery of their bond. But all my efforts have been in vain. For I see his undying love for her only growing by leaps & bounds. And the moment I complain about her, he becomes defensive .The unstated rule is that I cannot speak disparagingly of her despite her unwelcome intrusions into our life.

She is the Bullet that he owns. Ever since she became his, that’s last December, I have been only wringing my hands in displeasure .She is the other one in our life & she sure has given me sleepless nights for she occupies a very special place in Neil’s heart. But something tells me that she is here to stay & become a permanent fixture in our lives. And so grudgingly I have to accept this other one’s status in Neil’s life .

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