Its easy to miss this place if you are not particularly looking for it. Bang next to Ozone at ITI road,Aundh is Tareef.Its one place one would want to visit again & again & again. Tareef has a yester year feel to it. With the smell of camphor wafting around & the soft lighting every time I feel as if I am in some other time. This place specializes in North Indian cuisine with many Mughlai dishes also being thrown in.

Once you are seated a waiter brings you the menu which itself is rather classy. While we were pondering over the menu, they place glasses & plates of beaten copper finish. Kebabs are a must try at this place .For starters we ordered Masala papad Thurkee boti, saunde aloo & chakori kebabs .The papads were crisp with a generous garnish of Onions & tomatoes .The kebabs, marinated in yoghurt & some other spices were extremely succulent. The varied flavors, the sour of the yoghurt & the spice of the spices & the tender meat combined to make the kebabs an unmatched treat .They just seemed to melt in your mouth. Rich & succulent. I can say with reasonable confidence that they were the best kebabs I have ever had in my life.

For main course we ordered Bhuna gosht, Rogan Josh & Dal makhani with rice. Again the meat was tender with just the right mix of spices. The meat was soft & yet done so well that it blended perfectly with the curry.

As always we were so full by now that we just did not have any more space for the desserts .And thus we called for the bill. The bill itself came in a beautiful jwellery base with the insides lined with velvette . For some time the box had us intrigued & we kept fiddling with it ,till came the surprise. With the bill comes the complementary Meetha Pan.The pan comes a little chilled with again a delectable filling of coconut & other assortments. The food & the wonderful service left me feeling like a princess. And for this reason I keep going back to Tareef for more

For those of u who want to check out this “must visit” place ,the address is
Shyamal Apartments
Unit Number 1
Next to Ozone mall,

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