I’d been to London to see the Queen

Well no,I had not been to London to see the Queen.I had been to Pune’s Eleven East Street Cafe at camp.This place is difficult to miss because of a Red ,Big Double Decker bus parked right in front .As one walks in behind the bus is a narrow street which is made to resemble London.Complete with street names like Covent Garden,Trafalgar Square,Canary Wharf ,Oxford Street,you can do a quick tour of London. In order to give a real feel of the place they have also added facades of London shops.
It was a saturday & the place was swarming with people,suggesting that the popularity quotient of this place is definitely quite high.As soon as we were seated a waiter handed us the Menu.Deciding what to order was a difficult job cos the place offers an eclectic spread English,Italian,Indian, & a lot more.We finally settled on “Mushrooms in Love”which was an Italian ,Pasta preparation,”Jhoomta Hua Murg” a curried,spicy chicken preparation & on a Pomfret preparation with Rotis.For drinks we ordered Long island Iced tea,Cosmopolitam martini & a Lemon Iced tea.There was a considerable waiting before the food arrived. maybe it was because it was a saturday & the place was crowded or maybe it was just a trick that my mind played cos I was famished!!!!
The Muhrooms in love where done well in white sauce .The “murg ” & the “pomfret” were absolutely delicious.For desserts we had a brownie & a blueberry Cheese cake.The brownie as usual was yummy & the cheesecake I did not like.
However the place is nice to visit because of its ambience & the food is good too.So hop onto the red bus for a short ride through London.

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