What in 2010?

1) Get a hep, happening ,sexy haircut :) 2) Lose weight 3) Make more money 4) Make more money 5) Make more money (This is by design & not by mistake ) 6) Learn salsa 7) No buying more sandals/shoes/stilettos(No matter how enticing) 8) Plan a foren trip(Read Greece/Cyprus) 9) Read more 10) Paint my … Continue reading What in 2010?



High above in the abode of clouds Enshrouded in a mist veil Draped in the iridescence of the rising sun, The beauteous maiden walks on the horizon Her face aglow with the radiance of a golden hue And the freshness of the morning dew, Tumbling cascades of black velvet, Glowing with the sheen of the … Continue reading Dawn

So what has been so special about 2009? Should we follow a chronological order? Naah!!!

1) I bought my first 2 wheeler. All of my own money. Not a penny of loan & not a penny of my parent’s money 2) Moved in & out of 3 houses& went through the chore of setting up the “House” 3 times 3) Bought my first pair of shiny, black , super sexy … Continue reading So what has been so special about 2009? Should we follow a chronological order? Naah!!!

Justice for Ruchika

Its simply shameful that even after 19 long years the guilty can still get away with impunity. The Ruchika Girhotra case is yet another example of how the system has failed to deliver justice. Of how the ones with clout can manipulate the system again and again. Ruchika Girhotra who was molested by the former … Continue reading Justice for Ruchika

To Dorli……….

Imt is some 35-40 kms from Nagpur,set right in the midst of sleepy villages called Dorli,Mouza,a distant Kohli and orange orchards.To get to IMT one has to either take a bus or own a ride.I ususally take the bus and spend the 45 minutes -1 hr ride gazing out. Past Kalmeshwar the surroundings change visbly … Continue reading To Dorli……….