Tom & Jerry

The Tom & Jerry cartoon series has been a part of my life for as far as I can remember.And never have the Tom & Jerry escapades failed to bring hearty laughter to people of all age groups.When I was younger and we had only Doordarshan I used to wait for Sundays to watch my favourite TV Serial .Now though Tom & Jerry features everyday n Pogo & cartoon Network I still can’t get enough of it.

Its funny how Jerry though puny gets the better of Tom most of the times. Of course he gets help quite often.. Whether it be his Cheese Treasure expedition or the time he was wooing his sweetheart!! Tom is a bully of course. Never using his brains always brawn.The show is also structured very intelligently. Keeping the quintessential cat & Mouse struggle intact ,the human influences have been woven into the story .Tom reading the feline version of Play Boy with a lissome cat in a striking bikini posing on the cover is an example of the same!!

Technically also it is only about animations & background scoring.They do not make any use of language anywhere & yet what an impression the series makes. Unlike the pokemons & other shows (names elude me ) of today that are neither cute nor humorous Tom & Jerry has an endearing quality about it .

. Humour & simplicity are the hallmarks of this series . Every episode is a stress buster.I for one am never going to outgrow this show.

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