Food Fiasco

I was supposed to be making Eggs in tomato curry today & I don’t know what it has turned into.I think the whole thing was jinxed right from the beginning.First of all I did not get the puree anywhere & then I bravely ventured into cooking the puree myself.And What a disaster it has turned into.Although it looks quite good But it tastes too tangy.And I don’t know how to make the bloody concoction less tangy.Add to that there is such an awful lot of it also.
This has turned into a misadventure.I should have stuck to making the Masala Egg Gravy only .

However there is still a silver lining that beckons me.I have learnt how to make puree & also I guess with practice I might just figure out just the right proportions for making Tomato Egg Curry.For the moment my best wishes are with Neil who is not only supposed to sample this orangish-reddish tangy concoction but also appreciate my efforts!!!!

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