Justice for Ruchika

Its simply shameful that even after 19 long years the guilty can still get away with impunity. The Ruchika Girhotra case is yet another example of how the system has failed to deliver justice. Of how the ones with clout can manipulate the system again and again.

Ruchika Girhotra who was molested by the former Haryana Cop SPS Rathore later committed suicide. Not only did the police not register her complaint they also implicated her brother in 11 theft cases Her family was unnecessarily harassed forcing them to go underground. Not only this but her school also threw her out on grounds of indiscipline. Ruchika & her family were basically hounded by not only the policemen but also her school. It is very clear how SPS Rathore abused his position to ensure that Ruchika and her family did not file a case .And finally when they did file the case they were made to bear the price for it.

This case is a classic subversion of the Judiciary where the politician-police nexus not only manipulated the system to evade arrest but also rewarded Rathore with promotions ensuring that he became the top cop in Haryana .Ruchika Girhotra , a promising tennis player meanwhile had committed suicide . Rathore got away with a mere 6 months imprisonment which can be appealed in a higher court. Ideally he should have also been charged with abetment to suicide, however he was not. The hearing was delayed by continuously transferring the case to different courts without any grounds.

6 months for a lost young life is a sacrilege. It is an ignominy for our democracy and for our judicial system. It is a slap on our civil sensibilities .This is where we all need to take up cudgels to ensure that not only does Ruchika get justice but perverts like Rathore do not get away with such acts. It is important that a strong message be sent out so that at least we maintain some semblance of a civil society. If the very custodians of law connive to deny justice then it is for the media & citizenry to ensure that law prevails over such rampant abuse of the system .

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