So what has been so special about 2009? Should we follow a chronological order? Naah!!!

1) I bought my first 2 wheeler. All of my own money. Not a penny of loan & not a penny of my parent’s money
2) Moved in & out of 3 houses& went through the chore of setting up the “House” 3 times
3) Bought my first pair of shiny, black , super sexy stilletoes. I am in love with them! They are not so difficult to walk in either. Just a matter of practice & fine balance
4) Went to Coorg & had a roaring time. Plan to go again
5) Have learned to treat office politics with equanimity. Need to learn how to play the politics as well
6) Resolved to got to the gym thrice however quit, coz my good behavior was not suitably incentivized!!( Neil, Pay attention)
7) For want of anything better, earned my first raise & first bonus in my first job in the first year !!!
8) Finally got my laptop repaired & got a reliable Net connection & am blogging away to glory !!!
9) Read some and then read some more & some more….
10) Blah blah blah

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