Book Review-2 States-Story of My marriage by Chetan Bhagat

I am not a Chetan Bhagat fan. I have not liked any of his previous works.! However I found 2 States to be a light hearted 2 hour read .Though stereotypical in parts , his work here is more like a witty diary entry .
The flashy Punjabis ,nerdy Tamilians ,their respective fixation with all things paneerish & IITish ,the quintessential Indian fixation with a fair complexion ,the upmanship of he boy’s side of the family ,Caranatic music Vs Bollywood ,the list is endless. Chetan intelligently captures the quirks of both the communities .At the same time he also touches a chord with my generation. The dream marketing job with HLL( which is actually every MBA marketing’s grand ambition) ,the dream finance job with an I bank ,the scary prospect of Day 0 getting over & you being without an offer ,the casual flings & one night stands ,the convenient -no strings attached 2 year arrangements .

The Indian Wedding circus manifests itself in its complete glory. Inter community wrangle , Nakshatram matching business , relative importance of relatives , dowry haggles and what not! Usual Indian fare replete with high voltage histrionics and of course the happily ever afters .The book appeals to Indian sensibilities because its so well grounded in reality and is perhaps the story of every Indian marriage .

Although Bhagat does not evoke the magic realism that an RK Narayanan , a Satyajit Ray or an Amitava Ghosh do, there is a certain believeableness about 2 States.

Personally for me there is a certain amount of Déjà vu as well !!!

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