Life goes on..

A new city ,a new office ,a new team ,but the old profile ..I wonder why is it that moving away is not difficult for me.Somehow when people say that we miss the old team ,the old people I m not able to connect to the feeling .I simply tend to move on .Of course there is always a tad bit of disruption in your life ,but thats to be expected . The novelty somehow is more welcome for me than the monotony of the old .The tiring sameness of the people , the habits ,tends to make me restless and eager to move on .

Well whatever it is ,it does not bother me .

The wedding is now round the corner .I havn’t got the jitters till now ,so all is cool at that frontier .Although I do have a thousand things to get done .Looking forward to the holiday in Egypt .I hope we are able to finalise it.Can’t wait to see the Pyramids ,the Sphinx;The ruins of a long lost civilization .Wanderlust is finally beginning to get to me .My age old fascination with history continues …

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