Wedding Saga -Part 1

The much awaited announcement of My wedding with a non-Mallu did elicit the expected reactions.From ,”What is wrong with her-She could have found a nalla malayali boy”,”We always knew she would do something like this” to “To be expected when you send your girl to random cities without supervision” and more!! So ,of course you have the self appointed ,righteous upholders of virtue who decree that because you have decided to marry outside the community ,you have no character and that you are a bad example for the rest .

But what these people fail to see that is that you have to have enormous character and emotional fibre to take a decision that you know is unconventional ,will attract ire ,scorn and snide remarks and mark you for life as different from the rest .It takes a lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in and particularly if that belief of yours is seen as a Radical stand .I would much rather be the maverick than be the herd follower .I am proud of the fact that I have an independent thought process and that am able to stand by my decision .Of course, my parents have always supported me.But natural that they take a lot of flak for what people see as letting me get away with my whims & fancies .But I believe I have done fairly well for myself .

Then there are the gossiping crones ,the social vultures ,voyeurs ,who would want to discuss at length the inappropriateness of my choice ,and would want to inform everyone how afterall ,I had finally done the unacceptable .

But then again .this was expected .And what else do mediocre minds do best other that passing judgements ,more often than not uninformed & unflattering ,on those who dare to be different .

There also are people who are able to think & see beyond and appreciate.Few but still there.It takes more than a few degrees to open one’s mind to the possibilities that are beyond the obvious .Wisdom is neither a function of age nor of education …..

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