All creatures Big & Small.

Bringing June home has been one of the best decisions of my life . The Joy of having a pet at home is unparalleled .June holds no biases , no grudges only uconditional love ..When you come back home and she leaps in Joy on seeing you and you know that there is absolutely no selfish motive ,only pure , no holds barred ,joy on having you back home . Of course there are the occasional moments where you realise that she has torn your new book ,chewed away at the furniture that you chose after multiple painstaking visits to the furniture store , or the chewed away shoes .But you know your heart melts when she looks at you with those deep ,liquid brown eyes and all is forgotton and forgiven . It does not matter to her if you are short ,tall ,dark ,fair , cook ,bad cook ,no cook whatever ..You are perfect for her . No other person can ever be more lovely ,more beautiful ,more hardworking than you for her .And what does she want .Just love ….

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