Back to the Grind

After a week long holiday , monday morning at Office sounds so uninspiring . Never realised how quickly the week just flew by and it was already time to pack bags & get back to Mumbai . The only positive aspect was that I was getting back to June .Delhi -Bhopal- Agra -Delhi- Mumbai ..Packed … Continue reading Back to the Grind

Dog walking -Career option?

I have recently discovered my love for Dogs .It seems like a corollary of having brought June home .And that has now got me wondering if Dog walking can be considered as an alternative career option . I know for a fact that abroad it is a fairly well paid career option .But in India … Continue reading Dog walking -Career option?


I have five hundred and fifty eight friends on Facebook. Huh??Can you believe that!!!On this Friend List of 558 there are some people I know very well Like my Husband ,My Best Friend ,My Childhood Friends ,My Best Friend's Mom , My Cosins ...Actually I dont need Facebook to connect with them . Then there … Continue reading Facebook

The Eye is always Watching …

Ola!! I have discovered that I can blog from office !!So I don't have to wait anymore to get back home to vent out my Frustrations !!Also I shall be able to blog more regularly and will be welcome break from the monotony of have-to-get-through meetings and lazy afternoons.I can look busy & stressed out … Continue reading The Eye is always Watching …

Splash of Colors

And it is that time of the year again .Id ,Ganpati , Onam ,Navratri ,Diwali ....India is a wonderful country to be in at this time of the year(not that I have been in any other at any other point!!!) . Occassions to celebrate life & relationships abound . These are the times when you … Continue reading Splash of Colors

Much ado about nothing

I just checked out somebody's Linked in Profile and much as I expected I found exaggerated claims of excellence . It is of course human nature to assume that we are the best and we know the most . But is it not important to take rain checks at times to ensure that your belief … Continue reading Much ado about nothing