Splash of Colors

And it is that time of the year again .Id ,Ganpati , Onam ,Navratri ,Diwali ….India is a wonderful country to be in at this time of the year(not that I have been in any other at any other point!!!) . Occassions to celebrate life & relationships abound . These are the times when you reaffirm your faith in the goodness , the togetherness , the love in Life .Today is Dussehra .The 10th day when Durga defeated the Demon . Today is when we celebrate new beginnings in life . In my culture today is when we embark on learning anything new .Kids read and write for the first time .Today is when we start learning any new art . Today is the day we pay obeisance to the Goddess of learning and new starts .

In Bengalis ,the 8th day “Ashtami ” of the navaratras is dedicated to the wellbeing ,prosperity and Long life of the Husbands . The 6th day ” Shashti” is dedicated to Offspring . Sometime in November will come the “Chat ” festival .Again where obeisance is paid to the Sun God and will be dedicated to Children .

In 20 days it will be time for Diwali “Festival of Lights ” . And I will be home !!!!! Warwhoop of Glee!!!! :) :) :)

It will be a time for Food , Fun & Festivities . I still remember the time when I used to eagerly await Diwali for the Love of Crackers . The Anar , Chakli , Rassi Bomb , Rocket , Fuljhadi and what not . It used to be a much awaited trip to the Market to buy Crackers and New clothes .Growing up was a wonderful time . I miss the raw enthusiasm & the feverish excitement .

So because I don’t want to drown in giant wave of nostalgia at this point ,I will tell myself girl go out there and make the best of this time .Every year you are getting older and getting bogged down with responsibilities . So before your hair turns grey and your skin wrinkley go and have the time of your Life!!!!!!

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