Dog walking -Career option?

I have recently discovered my love for Dogs .It seems like a corollary of having brought June home .And that has now got me wondering if Dog walking can be considered as an alternative career option . I know for a fact that abroad it is a fairly well paid career option .But in India I am sure people will look askance at me for even considering this seriously . The idea seems so much more fun that my dreary office job which is more about how well you massage other’s egos .

3 thoughts on “Dog walking -Career option?

  1. Hi Maam.

    “Dog walking … a career option”. Indeed this is a good option for dog lovers, who do not own one due to various reasons and still wishes to spend some time with them. I have had Buddy, Dollar, Chikki, Zulu, Dash, Monty and Tipsy till date. Alsatians / German shepherds. However, decided not to have now; firstly due to space constraints and secondly it hurts, when they depart.
    Yes ! It is a good career option for people like me who does not possess the art of massaging egos. However, for the talented one, becoming an online writing style editor can be an option and first step to take writing as full time career in future. Who knows!!
    Whenever, I write an article on jurisprudence, wish to have such editor having domain knowledge, who can assist novice writers like me by editing to make it more comprehensive, lucid & graspable.
    Just an Idea….. madam ji !!


  2. Oh! how I agree with your idea on the career option you pointed out. I am an acute Dog-Lover and own a Retriever. He is Alfey and cant do without him for even a second. I love June. She seems lovable and an addictive-girl ;-) Cheers to Dog-a-addiction. :-)


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