Google’s Doodles

. I remember when I logged into Google & was pleasantly surprised to see the Guitar Doodle . For the rest of the day , I was fascinated with the Guitar & was trying to make music albeit unsuccessfully .. The doodles are a unique way to celebrate holidays, festivals , Commemorate Birthdays , Anniversaries … Continue reading Google’s Doodles

The Flying Wing

There was an article in today's Economic Times on the Flight Formation dynamics of birds .An example that it cited so often in the corporate world but practised so rarely . Creatures we generally do not credit wih intelligence have perfected the art of teamwork , community living while we are struggling with these concepts … Continue reading The Flying Wing

Weekend ending blues…

The weekend is already over & I can drown in my bucket of misery . The thought of having to go to office tomorrow is just soooo depressing . It's not that my work is not interesting or challenging enough .My work has quite a high level of engagement , it is the politics that … Continue reading Weekend ending blues…

Honeymoon Travels to Egypt

So for our honeymoon after much deliberation we finally figured on Egypt. I had wanted to go to Greece , but because it was winters we scrapped the plan . As an alternative N suggested that we go to Egypt . Egypt figured quite prominently on my To-Visit list and so I did not bat … Continue reading Honeymoon Travels to Egypt

My life in ruins

I am watching this movie called "My life in ruins". It is about this chick who had a teaching assignment in Greece and due to cutbacks loses the job and becomes a tourist guide .Aaand it is again making me want to plan a trip to Greece .I have been wanting to go to Greece … Continue reading My life in ruins

Book Review-River of Smoke by Amitava Ghosh

River of Smoke ,the second novel in Amitava Ghosh’s historical trilogy makes for a very compelling read .The Sea of Poppies took you far inland in the Gangetic Plains where poppy was grown and processed and The River of Smoke takes you into the crowded waterways of Canton , China where opium was consumed . … Continue reading Book Review-River of Smoke by Amitava Ghosh