June’s Homecoming

I was always against keeping Dogs as I had a big Dogphobia . having had a few rather unsavoury doggie encounters I ensured that there was always sufficient distance between them and me . My Husband on the contrary has always been a Dog Lover . At their place in Delhi they pretty much maintained an open house for the Doggie friends of their locality . So though they actually never owned one but they always had frequent dog visits . My husband then fiancée longed to keep a dog at our place in Mumbai . I was against the whole idea not only because I was scared but also because I thought there was not enough space . We were 2 young people about to start a new life together believing in the DINK concept . With our hectic work schedule and packed weekends , I though we would not be able to do justice .

While the debate continued we got married and went to Egypt for the honeymoon . Due to the ruckus there we came back earlier than scheduled and found empty time on our hands.
One of these days Neil again broached the idea and i vetoed it straight away . He then said let us go and see the pups and if you don’t want we will not get her . And I agreed to the idea having promised myself that I was only humoring Neil and that I would never get any pup home .
When we went to the shop they had 2 pups – one Fawn colored female Labrador & a Brown Pug . I thought they were adorable & my heart went out to them . They were inside these huge cages which of course gave them lot of space but was a cage nevertheless . the pug deariee was sick and looked at us with doleful eyes . I patted and stroked the pug for a while and then turned my attention to the Labrador .A complete cutie pie she stared back at us insolently and in a rather disinterested manner . I tried coochicooing to her and she did not respond . And then they let her out of the cage . She came to me and started gnawing away at the jeans and shoes . My husband looked at me & I said no . We went back but my heart had sure thawed . I told Neil the next day that I wanted to see the pup again and we went again . This time I coochicooed to her and she came . I opened the cage , took her out and told Neil let’s take her home .
So June came home . My In laws were absolutely delighted and were suggesting names while my parents were sceptical. nevertheless June was home. Unfortunately she caught Gastro and we almost lost her . She was only on drips and we religiously took her morning & evening to the Vet .June fought and made it . I could not believe that I who was a staunchly against the idea of pets , suddenly had become a Dog Mama worrying about June’s medicines and health .

Now I can’t think of us without June . Everything that we do has a June element . I sit in office and worry about her . If we go vacationing I miss her terribly and just can’t wait to get back to her . She wakes me up in the mornings but I don’t mind . June is the sunshine in my Life .I am so glad we got her Home ….

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