Bloody waste of a year

Sometimes it is the familiar that starts turning unfamiliar.Disappointment is a heady thing .All consuming,corrosive ;leaving behind shreds of what used to be whole & healthy.When the hope or rather naivete of youth recedes ,it leaves in its wake ,a horde of broken dreams .Your sane ,rational mind says you are just growing up and maturity is settling in .However ,its not that ,its just the loss of hope ,loss of belief .It is the worst betrayal of its kind .Because you also realise ,its like crossing a rubicon .You are crossing over to a side from where there is no coming back ,its a point of no return .Its like a piece of you dying at one time and then the degeneration is quicker and faster .Bit by bit you cease being the person you were and wanted to be . You just remain a ghost of what you were………



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