Last call for Humanity

The photograph of the drowned Syrian child Aylan keeps resurfacing in my mind . And I keep thinking he & his elder brother must have been  as loved as my own child . The sight of that small lifeless body lying face down in the sands of Turkey is heart breaking to say the least . That juxtaposed against the smiling and happy pics of Aylan & his 5 year old elder brother . His mother must have lovingly dressed him up in the morning to a journey of safety & security . As a mother myself , I know how much I enjoy Dressing up my son for an outing , how much thought I put into each detail . His mother must have also lovingly dressed him up that morning  for the flight to safety .

How many more such tragedies do we need to witness before we wake up to the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the middle east . I can just about imagine how desperate the parents must have been to get onboard that fateful boat . There have been at least 3 -4 such stories that have come up in the last month , where people have drowned trying to reach the relatively safe shores of Europe . I think I am going to have this child , his brother , his parents in my prayers for a long time and of course the other millions who are caught in this war.

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