Dogs are the Best

I think Dogs are the best ..Ever .Period .

I can’t believe I lived for so long without loving one . But despite the delay , the one That God chose to place in my life is simply perfect .Not one day of my life ever since June came home has gone without me marveling at the blessing Dogs are . I think God put dogs in our lives to apologize for all the nasty specimens of mankind we are forced to put up with otherwise .  I used to think at one point that June coming home was an accident . But like Master Oogway says “There are no accidents “ . There is always a plan and my June was part of that plan .

I have talked about how June came home in an earlier post but I am going to repeat myself here . We had no plans of getting a pet , or at least I had none . When we had to cut short our honeymoon by a few days ( we had gone to Egypt & started the revolution , that’s another post though J) and found our way back to Bombay with nothing to do , N suggested we go check out the pups . I agreed to checking them out . But when we were checking them out , I fell “Head over heels “ in love with June . She was there at the back . Unconcerned , she looked at us with a haughty air , almost saying “I don’t care two hoots as to who you are . She was a little reluctant to come when we called her . We went back home , but came back again the next day . And brought her back home with us . We had to work a little to woo her and she slowly warmed to us . And since then she has been spreading her warm , fuzzy sunshine in our lives . On good days or bad days the thought that June was back home waiting for me would cheer me up . She would listen to me without judging .

Since we were newly married , we were doing the whole “setting up the house thing” . We got this new book shelf . I think about a week after, when we got back home from work , June had chewed away the corner of our brand new book shelf and some books as well!! So then we got a sliding glass cover . That was June’s maiden encounter with her reflection . For days afterwards I would catch her walking past the bookshelf , growling at her reflection ..Till she decided that the “other canine “ wasn’t going to come out any day soon ..

Then there was the Holi episode .So something life threateningly urgent came ( read I could have lost my job ) up and I had to go to work on Holi .N offered to drop me and June threw a tantrum . She sat down right at the doorstep and refused to budge . We took her along , since I decided that It wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes . We reached office and I went upstairs, leaving June & N together . I came back after 30 mins to find June sitting in the backseat with lots of leaves around her . Apparently June decided to mark my Office as her territory . The guard asked N to clean up & clean up he had to !!!!There was this other Holi , where heavy on bhang I slept for 15 straight hours . Apparently June came & checked on me every now and then to ensure that I was breathing!!!

There was this episode when I had come back from a party completely wasted . N was travelling . I made a couple of trips to the washroom , at one point passing out. But June was there by my side there also . Her wet nose nudges finally got me moving from the Pot to the bed … And she dutifully took up  a spot next to me just in case I needed  more nudging !!!

Coming back I know for sure now that there definitely was a plan when June came home that day with us . For God knew that I would need her far more than I even knew .At one point in my life not far back , she was the sole reason I would even come back home . June kept me going through those dark , dark days when I was almost at the edge of slipping away .

You know All of us have those days when we go like “Why me God , why me”, then I remember June and smile . And I know even if the light at the end of the tunnel is not even a small glimmer at this point, I have June , who will walk the distance and more with me .That’s enough for me …

She has taught me some very important life- lessons too .

  • Generosity of spirit . Her physical disability not once dampened her enthusiasm to love & ability to give .
  • Today is a new day – Yesterdays are bygones . No grudges , no bad feelings .
  • Forgiveness – Absolutely non –judgmental & forgives all my faults
  • Food enthusiast – Treats save the day every time ..For dogs & humans alike !!I am thinking Tiramisu :)  & I know so is June

A dog cannot solve one’s problems in life , but they bring that perennial ray of sunshine in your life , that keeps you going . Every time I look at June , I am glad that I have her .I just wish we had more time together….

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