Of Dragons ,of Witches & Wands & Magic all around

So , the Other day we (My son & I ) were watching this movie called Pete’s dragon . For those who haven’t seen the movie , its about this child who is in an unfortunate car accident with his parents & wanders into the forest before help arrives . In the woods , perchance he encounters a dragon and it marks the start of an uncanny friendship between the two .I loved the movie . In fact I love all these other kiddie movies too ,Kung Fu Panda  , Finding Nemo ,Water-horse, Jungle book … J Goes without saying that I am also a huge Harry Potter /Chronicle of Narnia / Hobbit  fan..Whenever these movies  air on television , I say I am switching it on for my son , but it is also because I want to watch it too .

The reasons are twofold .I like the affirmation that all will be well with our world .That there still are guardian angels who watch over us. That the inherent goodness in people will prevail .That there will be happily ever-afters .I like to believe that mostly people are well-meaning  with bona fide intentions . I like to believe that my happiness is reason for others to cheer too as is theirs for me . That this is our bulwark against the malevolent times we live in ..

Second is the Anticipation of magic!!To experience magic unfolding in a book or a movie  still sends a  sharp frisson of excitement through me .And for those few moments I become a child .And in those moments it seems like everything is possible .

Whether it be the transformation of a pumpkin into a carriage for Cinderella , or the painting that overflows and takes Edmund , Lucy , Susan ,Eustace to Narnia or the Platform no 9 and ¾ at Kings Cross Station that takes one onward to Hogwarts . The magic of magic is eternal . Awe-inspiring , it envelopes one in its iridescence , like the warm rays of the sun , like the secure embrace of a mother.

These are the unsullied , unblemished ,ephemeral intangibles that are carried forth from childhood into adulthood . It comes easy for me because I am an incorrigible dreamer &  an eternal romantic.

The challenge is to continue believing in the truth of magic . The tedium of life with its roller coaster

of success , failures , surprises , disappointments tend to intimidate one . It is then a herculean task to just keep your head above water , forget having the luxury of believing or watching out for magic . The irrevocable loss of this  belief I believe is the true tragedy of life .It happens to the best of us . We grow up and dismiss these as folk-lore . We close our eyes to magic happening everyday in our lives & resign ourselves to fate . But there is magic happening everyday in our lives .A kind word , a gentle smile , a loving family, the gift of genuine friends, the blessing of good health and peace of mind , Spiritual/Material Abundance & One’s own Generosity of spirit , manifestations of magic in our lives . And when I measure my life by this yardstick , I can say , my life is touched by magic everyday . Help that comes unbidden , Doors that open unexpectedly , Opportunities that materialize out of the blue , I have experienced all this & more . Even at the worst of times I have had multiple affirmations of kindness and help from complete strangers ..What’s that if not magic .

I think it helps that I have an unapologetic-ally enthusiastic 3 year old at home , who evinces the same thrill that I have when I read out these tales to him .The twinkle in his eye &  the sparkle of his persona is yet untouched by the vagaries of life, whose spirit of enquiry is yet not subdued by the constant remonstrations of us addled adults . His trust in magic & the world is intact. His childlike perspective is my  guide to living life . Helps me to believe in trust-fall ( a standard corporate team building exercise) , to take a blind leap of faith and know that “Eliot” who is Pete’s Dragon will leap after you to catch you & soar through the endless skies, to know that the walls will open at Platform no 9 & ¾ and there will be the Hogwarts express waiting to take you yonder and beyond …..

After all  Only those who believe in Magic find it too……

One thought on “Of Dragons ,of Witches & Wands & Magic all around

  1. Hi Maam,
    Thanks for the magical post. It is evident, you are on the way to become an author and a ‘life coach’ as well. :) Keep writing!



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