A mother’s wish for her Son as he starts school


Threshold of Self-Discovery – As my son gets ready to step across from the confines of his play-school to a Full-fledged formal school ,I have a strange fluttering in my stomach . We have only just started the process of admissions , the forms having been submitted , it’s now a game of wait and watch . Either ways , this is the end of a phase of A’s life just as it for us & it’s also the beginning of a new journey .

It’s the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime .An adventure that will take him far and wide & will be replete with happy moments & sorrows . An adventure that will require courage , faith and love

I hope he enjoys his schooling as much as I did . I hope he discovers the many pleasures hidden in books , in play times , in the joys of finding lasting friendships . I hope he learns that disappointments are not forever just as success is not permanent . I hope he finds friends with whom he can plot silly peccadilloes , laugh his heart out , unburden his soul. I hope he finds teachers who mentor him , who can teach him its worthy to try and fail , than not to try at all . I hope they teach him that strength of character will take him farther than the money in his bank account .

Small Boy

I hope he discovers the fun of chasing a butterfly, Of admiring the crimson beauty of the setting sun . I hope he appreciates the struggle of the little flower struggling for life through the crack in the pavement . I hope he learns to be grateful for having a roof over his head , shoes on his feet & food on his plate . I hope he can return back goodness to the world by being kind to the ones who are less fortunate . I hope he learns that there is no shame in tears & there Is no glory in being a bully . I hope he finds compassion in his heart for all of other God’s creatures who make our world whole and better . I hope he discovers for himself the sublime love & the unquestioned loyalty of a Dog . I hope he finds the strength to overcome the emptiness of heart breaks. I hope he learns that in tough times , that tomorrow is just another day & that its important to live today to the best . I hope he learns that what matters is that we give it our best shot & stay the path no matter what the world says . I hope he learns that the biggest battle is won when you decide to dress up and show up .

I hope he finds all of the above and a lot more .I truly hope he enjoys his schooling as much as I did . I hope to relive those years of my life through him . I am looking forward to the shaping of my little fellow into a young adult . It’s a lot to ask for but he is a fine little fellow , my son ….

2 thoughts on “A mother’s wish for her Son as he starts school

  1. Hey Maam,

    Very True ! this is an opportunity to relive those cherished moments with our children, till they fly out of our nest.

    Best wishes for your son.

    n keep writing !!


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