The Joys of Reading & Being Read to

My 3 year old loves books . Obviously he is too young to read on his own , but loves being read to . I have been reading to him since the time he was an infant . In fact , the first book that I read out to him was “A Suitable Boy”  by Vikram Seth .I was recuperating post child birth at my parent’s home & was reading it !! I figured he was too small to really make sense of my words but could enjoy the voice modulation . It helped him to get into the habit of being read to . But his love for books really took off only in the last 2 years . When he was about a year old ,I started with “Lift The Flap” books for him .A is a very active child , the types who need to be kept occupied all the time . I would have to keep him engaged with the book to build his interest . That’s where “Lift-the-Flap” books came to my rescue . The Book we started with was “ Dear Zoo” by Rod Campbell. This is the classic , Lift the flap book , where a child writes to the zoo for a pet & rejects animal after animal till the perfect pet arrives . A loved to open the flap which was different on every page to reveal a new animal.. The Camel in the cage , the Elephant in the crate , the snake inside the Basket … he still loves this book despite the fact that it is much worn & thumbed away now .. The Second “Lift-the-Flap Book was “Where is the Baby’s Belly Button” by Karen Katz . The little bump in the road however was the fact that these books were not stocked by the neighborhood book shops . I checked Amazon. And there it was , waiting to be added to my cart . I didn’t waste any time & quickly added it to my Cart . Its been 2 years since then and Amazon has not once disappointed me & A.In fact for his B’day , an overseas relative of ours sent Books , again through Amazon .

A has since then moved on to Amar Chitra Katha’s  & Julia Donaldson story books ,all delivered through Amazon . Now after we have finished reading , he turns the book over to look at the back cover . The back cover will usually have recommendations similar to the current book . And if he spots one that interests him ( which is usually the case ), he will immediately tell me to order it from Amazon . So in my child’s Book-Love journey Amazon has become as  important a contributor as the books :) . It no doubt helps that I can order from the comfort of my home , office or car !!!!

So here are Top 10 of A’s perennial favorites , which he never tires of hearing ..


  • Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson –“ Room on the Broom” is the absolute , undisputed favorite .This book is about a kind witch , her cat ,some friends (a dog , a bird& a frog ) and a Mean Dragon and their magic broomstick .
  • Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson– This one is about this endearing monster that has A enamored totally .
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle  – This was the very first book that I had ordered from Amazon for A . This is about the transition of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly as it chomps through an enormous quantity of food .
  • Goldilocks & The Three bears – This one used to be my favorite too when I was a little girl . How some things remain the same over generations…
  • The Troll & The Three goats – Somehow A is very fascinated with the  horns of the biggest goat !
  • Jack & The Beanstalk – A loves the bit where Jack clambers down and chops off the beanstalk!!! I don’t know why!!
  • The Three Little Pigs & the Wolf – Again I guess a favorite across generations !!
  • Amar Chitra Katha – Stories of Ganesha , Durga & Shiva are A’s favorites till now !These are also the stories that I narrate to him otherwise too .The illustrations help him follow the storyline perfectly.
  • “Thomas the Tank Engine” Series – A simply loves trains & engines . In fact now ,whenever A spots a train or an engine , he will immediately ask if it was Thomas or Gordon or Henry who rushed by !!
  • Gingerbread Man– “Run , Run as fast you can , You can’t catch me I am the Gingerbread Man” – I think A makes me read this one out to him over and over again just so that he can repeat this one line !

So , our bedtime ritual is not complete without us reading atleast 5 of these stories , atleast 3 times over .At times I plod through the reading sessions with  sleep heavy eyes  .But I secretly delight in the fact that my child enjoys books and Can’t wait for him to discover the world of Rusty, the Famous Five , Harry Potter and all the other characters who enriched & enlivened my growing up years .

Favorite Books

Image Courtesy Amazon

As George RR Martin says  “For a Reader lives a Thousand Lives before he dies .The man who never reads lives only one”!!

So here’s to Reading & raising Readers !!!

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