My morning commute ….

So my morning commute to work in Gurgaon takes about 30 minutes every day . I get a cab from office for pick up and drop which gives me the luxury to gaze out and observe the world , during those 30 minutes . Since I can never sleep sitting (admittedly it was an inconvenience during my college years J ), I either engage my co-travelers in a conversation or look out . It’s fun to observe people . Those fleeting moments are my  window into their lives.

Often there will be cabs where everyone except the driver  is sleeping , with their mouths slightly open , heads lolling about .Because the windows are rolled up , I can’t hear their snoring , otherwise I am sure I would have heard their snores as well J . I see women holding the steering wheel with one hand and eating up a rolled up paratha or a sandwich or something wrapped in aluminum foil . I see (Here I am overreaching & letting my assumption run away , for I have no sure way of knowing ) couples ,where the man is driving and the lady co-passenger  combing her hair or adjusting her lipstick in the mirror . I see people hidden behind the newspaper while the driver navigates the chaos of traffic , patrician antecedents of the former being countenanced by the luxury car & their sartorial choices. I see tourists on their way to see the much touted  “Incredible India” , peering at me from beyond their window panes with a s much inquisitiveness . I have also seen bickering couples in the midst of heated arguments , being given away by adrenaline fuelled animated expressions &the theatrical flourish of their gestures . I see people furiously tapping away at their phones which I suppose would be Whatsapp or e-mail and I wonder who is at the receiving end .I see girls , with earplugs ,chatting away & crossing the road with gay abandon much to the chagrin of drivers forced to apply sudden brakes . There are also the kind drivers who willingly stop & let the ones waiting with their cycles or on foot to cross ..

Sometimes ,when traffic is crawling along at snail’s pace impatience gets the better of some people , who believe that honking incessantly would somehow clear the traffic . That traffic would part to both sides like the Red sea  . Sometimes I get to see goosebump raising daredevilry where two-wheeler drivers , cyclists jump , cut and weave within an inch of their lives and I thank the Gods that I am safely ensconced inside the cab! I see people precariously perched on the edges of shared rickshaws, hanging on for their dear lives .


Image Courtesy India Today 

And I wonder what is going on in their lives today . Is it very different from my life and my struggles .But  I guess not .Its the same for most of us no.. .Spouses or a special someone ,Jobs , Bosses , EMI’s ,Kids , In-laws , Parents , Extended family..


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