The Other One in My Husband’s Life

She exudes a magical charm .His eyes light up at the very mention of her . He spends days , weekends  and many scarce PL’s( Privileged Leaves) with her !She gives him company on almost all of his leisure trips . She is his companion on all escapades & adventures .She has him hooked onto her like nothing else in the world. He cares for her as he has cared for none else. This love is a panoply of naked passion ,thrill and desire .The pride unmistakable, in his words ,when he talks about her . He pampers her to the hilt ,spending hours and taking  pains to research on what would make her happy . She is his companion when he is upset and needs me-time . She is the only one he shares his solitude with. They seem to share an unspoken bond where there is no need to vocalize anything. Here I can cry myself hoarse everyday and yet my words will fall on deaf ears!!

He simply despises any kind of separation with this other one. He calls her the First love of his life & you can imagine how left out yours sincerely feels. She graces all his social –media presences except for LinkedIn where obviously propriety held him back .  I have spent agonizing moments trying to unravel the mystery of their bond . And then gave up at the sheer futility of the whole exercise . The unstated rule is that I cannot speak disparagingly of her despite her unwelcome intrusions into our life.I have to plan our weekends , our day trips even my parent’s visits around their calendar . Now if N tells me that I am going to spend a weekend with her , I don’t  argue . The Pavlovian experience I have gained over the years simply obviates the need . I have overcome the typically female, genetic conditioning to reason and argue, at least here ! Despite the fact that I am the lawfully-wedded wife , she gets the best of him! Can you imagine the ignominy and the irony!!

She is the Bullet that he owns .Ever since they united  I have only been wringing my hands in displeasure . She is the Other One in our life . She sure gave me some sleepless nights for she occupies a very special place in N’s heart . To ensure that their time together is not botched up ,N went ahead & removed the pillion rider seat altogether!!!

And as If one wasn’t enough ,N added one more ,“The Versys” to our happy little garden of Love !!So now I have to contend with not one , but two of these Other ones. And of course both of them are far more high maintenance that yours sincerely is, requiring N to spend far more time tending to their needs than mine!!

So here they are now. To stay & be a permanent fixture in our lives . This is a life-long romance which does not have an “Best-before-Date” . The tempestuousness of this romance will not be tempered by the tedium of life .Familiarity will not breed contempt here. The fragilities of age and beauty will also fail here (Very shallow of me , I know). This love also beats the law of diminishing marginal utility.

And so grudgingly I have accepted these “Other-ones” in our life & the fact that there is a “Happily-Ever-After” for the three of them !!

(third-wheelImage Courtesy  HUGO SILVA/RED BULL CONTENT POOL

This is an updated version of an older post on this blog


2 thoughts on “The Other One in My Husband’s Life

  1. Hi, Very well written about the extra marital romance … which is perfectly legal. Another enticer.

    I too have two elegant companions, both elder to me, but still have a heart to take me to 18000 feet above sea level. The best part is they never sulk or complain & are eternally romantic.

    Keep writing !!


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