Book Review – A Hundred Little Flames by Preeti Shenoy

A delightful ,heartwarming , quick read .When I started reading this book , it seemed to be treading down the much clichéd storyline that the recent crop of Indian authors have been following . However , Preeti beautifully built up the storyline to capture the interest of the reader , which is a testimony to the author’s craftiness . I read this with a sense of poignancy since I come from God’s own country . The book once again brought home the painful reality of abandoned seniors wasting away in huge homes , the conflicts of inheritance , the emotional disconnect between the generations and of course betrayal . “Thekke Madom” took me back to the many happy summers I have spent in Kerala.

The characterization itself is brilliant .Ayan is the picture of youthful chaos and confusion torn between living upto the expectations of his father and the curveballs that life throws at him .And then gradually going n to unravel his feisty side. I particularly liked how Preeti has captured the beauty of the grandparent-grandchild relationship . How somehow this relationship is easier than the ones with your own parents .Perhaps because this relationship is free of the burden of expectations …

The quiet dignity and moral probity of the Grandfather , despite the losses and the emotional setbacks ,is the distinctive quality of the people of that generation , which is sadly an increasing rarity .Of how he held on steadfast to his word , and gave up Rohini . Of the beautiful , French town of Pondicherry . The book forces us to confront the truth of the geriatric tragedy unfolding slowly and steadily. The family drama is all too easy to relate .The narrative is intriguing & compelling and keeps the reader engaged . The fluid style of writing makes it easy to follow the storyline ..This book is definitely a winner and I would for sure be reaching out to read it again and again..

The Book is available on Amazon ..

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