Another Lifetime

The years have been long

And so has been the Longing

The heart still aches for the Lost

The romance still fresh in my mind

The stolen moments when our eyes found each other’s

Was it magic , when you touched my soul

And brought me alive

The wonder of lilac skies , of moonlit nights ,

Of Sun-kissed mornings , of wind-blown days that were all mine

I  thought the Gods had smiled after-all

The stars sighed for they knew it was not to be

That what I thought was pixie dust was just plain old sand

When the dust settled , I was still there ,and you had moved on

Alone , I waited ,for I thought you would come to find me

No one came ,Silhouettebut for heartbreak and despair

I am still here waiting

For another lifetime .

7 thoughts on “Another Lifetime

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