Book Review – The Blue Moon Day by Santosh Sivaraj

The Blue Moon day is a book that forces the reader to slow down and introspect. Once in a while , one reads books and know exactly what is going in the mind of the protagonist because you have been there , at the exact same point in life . Facing those very questions, the same dilemma’.The Blue moon day is one of those books . This book is a collection of 5 stories. Of 5 different people at different stages in their lives but faced with challenges that look insurmountable.  And in overcoming those challenges , they discover the true purpose of their lives .The stories that most resonated with me were those of the Pizza Engineer , The Storyteller and that of Vivi –the Planner .

All the 3 stories capture the struggles of each individual perfectly . In the first story , Abhi excels  at academics but is unaware as to what his true passion in life is !Inability to land a well-paying job despite stellar academic credentials is a situation many of us have faced .

“Not Today” beautifully captures how we end up with misplaced priorities in life and lose sight of the most precious moments of life. Though Vivi was ultimately trying to secure his family’s future, he ended up distancing himself from that very family .

‘Storyteller” shows how often we needlessly hold onto ideals that have long crossed their use-by date and complicate life. This story captures how one man’s life is torn asunder by circumstance. And in those moments he realizes how difficult it is to mend cracks in relationships. Yet what makes the story beautiful, is the effort that the old man puts into repairing the cracks and in the purpose discovers his calling in life !

In all these stories, what comes forth are lessons for life . Pearls of wisdom scattered throughout the book.

“Fear of any kind is an illusion as death is certain and everything else will be in transition”

“The Flow of a river is similar to the flow of happiness in life. If you obstruct it , it will lead to stagnation and it will become stale .In spite of all this , life still gives an opportunity to identify the reason of your living by all possible signals around you . It is your responsibility to identify it amidst all the turbulence”


The author’s writing style is simple and lucid. However the book does need some editing . But overall , a book to keep you engaged for a couple of hours !

I would like to thank the author for giving me a free copy of the book!!The Blue Moon Day

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