Remind me why

Remind me why ,

It all came to a naught

Remind me why ,

It all burned down to cinders and ashes ,

Remind me why,

I still live in the blackened ruins of an almost perfect story

Remind me why ,

My heart still burns with the fire of a thousand suns ,

Remind me why ,

My eyes stay blinded with the dark tears of soot ,

Remind me why ,

I still wear the gold band on my finger ,

Remind me why ,

The storm within refuses to stay contained anymore

Remind me why ,

The jagged edges of painful remembrance don’t numb anymore

Remind me why ,

Lest my fires devour your happy world ,devoid of me

Remind me why ,

I choose to die a little everyday ….


Photo by Chris Rhoads on Unsplashchris-rhoads-254898-unsplash

7 thoughts on “Remind me why

    1. 🙂 Yes true .But since you have been reading my posts for a long time without fail,it means a lot!!!Thank you Vineet and keep reading!!


      1. Hey Remya !! greetings, ! yes reading without fail for one year & two months to be precise. and its worth every word. You seems to be tied up now a days, since there is no post for the last month. Keep the momentum. …& keep writing !


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