Book review-Three Daughters by Consuelo Saah Baehr

I had picked up this book from the Kindle Unlimited Lineup expecting to read about Palestine and it did live upto those expectations.
The Three daughters is a chronicle of 3 generations of Palestinian Christian women. Of how their lives are inextricably linked together by secrets that the other is unaware of. The book is enriched with rich social commentary of that region when it was still unsullied by bloodshed and violence. The story of Miriam , Nadia and Nijmeh transports you from a tiny village right outside of Jerusalem to Georgetown and keeps the reader hooked with its plot . Watershed world events function as a background to their daily life .Each woman is bound by the strict codes and restraints of the clan life . Tradition and a familial sense of duty is supreme and everything else is relegated to the sidelines. Despite these shackles, the three women find love and peace, though not without their share of struggles and heartbreaks .
It’s a longish book ,over 700 pages , with its peaks and troughs yet making for an absorbing read .
It wonderfully showcases the rich culture of a place , which is the birth place of three religions of the world . Rambling in parts , I would still recommend it to readers who like to read Historical fiction .
The book is available for free on Kindle Unlimited

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