Alu Fulkopir Dalna

Alu Fulkopir Dalna is a quintessential Bong dish of Cauliflower,Potatoes and Peas .It is very different from the North Indian variety of Alu-Phoolgobhi. A curry in tomato base,balanced with whole spices and ginger , takes the food experience to a new level . The Confluence of many different ingredients , the pungent mustard oil and asafoetida(hing), the Sugar and the salt ,the Tomatoes and the ginger paste , the mix of Chilli , turmeric ,coriander and cumin and a dollop of ghee at the end to top it off , create a burst of flavors on the palette …The beautiful red hue of this delicately flavored curry against the white of the steamed rice is an experience as much for the eyes as it is for the tongue ..A perfect side dish for rice and roti both ..

Winters are here and so are the cauliflowers , by the dozen ..
For me , but Alu Fulkopir dalna will always be reminiscent of my father in law.He loved this dish , so much that it would be on the menu for atleast 3 of the 7 days ,all through the year .I learnt making this dish only recently when he visited us in Cal , since no one else is a fan of Cauliflower in our house . And I made it fairly frequently since..I loved it too..And that when all my growing up years I despised cauliflower .

But I have not cooked it since my father in law’s death . Though I have made several other Alu-gobhi versions . But this one somehow , I just have not been able to . .

Its strange how memories take up residence in the most funny and unpredictable spaces of our lives . Who would have thought that of all things , a simple dish of Alu-Fulkopir dalna would be the Forever reminder of my Father in law for me .I don’t think I will ever be able to make this dish without thinking of him .
People move on in life ..Friends and family..Sometimes it is Life that takes one away and sometimes Death .But memories that we make continue to live on . Like the memory of Alu Fulkopir dalna for me ..

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