So here I am , writing after a long hiatus ..Was caught up with other things..

Anyway ,so every year I try to learn something new .Last year ,it was cooking .And while I am no master chef ,I can turn out a decent meal fairly consistently now :)

And this year , by complete accident , I have learnt how to wield colors and paints . Given that , all my growing up years I avoided drawing and painting , this has come as a complete surprise .In school , we used to have a separate room for our drawing class which was a compulsory subject till 8th standard . While I was an otherwise bright student , the subject of drawing gave me cold feet… I was the veritable bank bencher ,who would turn up without sketch book , pencils , eraser to class…Named and shamed in every drawing class,my worst nightmare was flunking drawing .Because that meant that you wouldn’t get a rank ..While now kids are only awarded grades , in our days we would be handed down ranks , the one with the highest aggregate score being 1st , the next one being 2nd and so on …It was a big deal ..Your name would be written on the class black board for everyone to see on the day of the PTM . Just imagine the ignominy of losing rank and the opportunity of your name being displayed by flunking in a supposedly inconsequential subject !!! Well , till 8th ,I managed to pass drawing by the skin of my teeth . And when we finished 8th grade ,I was more than relieved that I no longer had to endure an agonising hour every week of drawing..

Not that I didn’t appreciate the genius that others displayed when it came to this art ,just that I thought that it definitely wasn’t my cup of tea..But now that my son goes to school , the nightmare returned to haunt me. In Kindergarten kids are taught alphabet and word association ..And a lot of this activity happens through drawing.For example ,I would say D for drum ,my son would say D for dragon . I would choose drum for the obvious ease of replicating on paper!! But my son would ask me to draw a dragon !!!! Read Nightmare returns !!!

However ,it turns out that my son does display an artistic bent ..We received feedback from his teacher that his drawings are better than that of his peers and we should consider sending him to art classes..I think sometimes talent skips a  generation.My mother is truly gifted at art while I sucked royally !!

So while A didn’t agree to art classes I tried to encourage his skills at home .I looked up tutorials on Youtube for simple drawings for kids ,learnt them myself and then taught them to A. That simple process opened up a whole world of artistic possibilities  in front of me . There were tutorials not just for kids but also for adults ..And I thought what the heck , if I fail at drawing it would be nothing new ,but just imagine if I could paint…I tried painting with A’s colors ,and the results have surprised not only me ,but my whole tribe!!!!My husband refused to believe that these were my paintings .Of course I have followed the tutorials that detail out every step and make it fairly simple for beginners ..

That after all these years I can now finally draw is another story .But the bigger lesson in all this is that we are limited by our own beliefs .All these years I believed that I couldn’t draw and so I did a shoddy job when it came to this art .However when  I stopped caring about the results and simply went with the flow ,voila !!!! Life is a cornucopia of possibilities ,if only we keep faith and let go off our inhibitions …

Has anyone else had such a moment of epiphany ?When you have done something that all your life you thought you couldn’t !!!

Here are some of my paintings .I can’t call them my creations because I have followed the tutorials and merely recreated .But someday I hope to be able to share my creations too !!!

3 thoughts on “Surprise!!!!

  1. Hey Remya ! Its a nice come back with a Surprise.

    Good to know about one more dimension of your hidden talents ! Keep it up.


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