Mini Book Review-Flood of Fire

Book -Flood of Fire

Author-Amitava Ghosh

Flood of Fire is the last book in the Ibis Trilogy by Amitava Ghosh. It brings closure to all the characters we meet in the earlier books, their lives intertwining over the space of the 3 books. Just like the previous two books, this one too is brilliantly researched and the amount of detailing is phenomenal.

Flood Of Fire
Flood of Fire By Amitava Ghosh

Against the backdrop of the First Opium war, Ghosh charts out a multidimensional story in this book. Just like today, the questions of identity, race, ethnicity were of utmost significance in people’s lives and in the social tapestry. There are many small stories within the main plot that throw light on the characters from different perspectives . These small stories also highlight the conflicting loyalties, identity and ethnicity, fortunes, affairs of convenience of the characters wonderfully well. It is a fascinating account of British colonialism, India and China during & preceding the Opium war .

Typical of Ghosh’s writing style, this one too abounds with descriptive imagery bring the story line to life. Skillful character development, complete with temptations, moral probity is the strength of this series.

If you are up for a lesson in history along with some drama ,then this is where your search ends !!

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