Book Review-Esme’s Wish

Esme’s Wish by Elizabeth Foster

A fantastic book for the lovers of magic ,fantasy , dragons , and all things that fall in between . Esme’s Wish is the first Book in the Esme Series by debutante novelist Elizabeth Foster . The Book has all that one would expect from a Fantasy series . When I received this book , I expected it to be a contemporary suspense thriller .However the novelist took me on a rollercoaster of portals into another parallel world of magic ,myth, gifts and adventure …The book is about a teenaged girl Esme embark on  a quest into her mother’s disappearance .Esme lives on a picturesque island Picton with her father ,Aaron who is the lighthouse keeper .As such the ocean and its storms and calms have been forever a part of her consciousness . Then ,her father’s marriage to Penelope 7 years after Esme’s mother’s  disappearance ,put the wheels of her fate into motion . Going through her mother’s art and sketches ,Esme feels that there is definitely more to her mother’s disappearance.  She uncovers a portal that takes her to Esperance, the place of myths and magic that her mother frequented ..

Esme’s Wish by Elizabeth Foster


The main characters in this Book are Esme , Daniel and Lilian . The three forge a friendship that helps them uncover mysteries and secrets and weather their personal triumphs and tribulations. The writing is beautiful. The writer has clearly given much thought to develop the scenes and imagery. The imagination is piqued with the descriptive imagery used to create the world of Aeolia ..The flora ,fauna ,with its enchanting creatures ,political history morphed with mythical tales and symbolism go on to lend realistic hues to Aeolia .

The language is smooth , silken and poetic and the reader glides the troughs and highs of the characters with ease . The running theme of friendship , love and loyalty makes this a superb read for young adults and teenagers .

I truly wish I had read this book as one ..I also liked the part where one has to wait for the gifts to reveal themselves . Something akin to the late bloomers in our world . For those who enjoyed the Harry Potter series , Narnia , here’s one more series to enthrall you with its fiery dragons ,enchanting lands and islands with their secrets and mysteries , of spellcasting songstresses and sirens  and more …

Highly recommend.

I received this book from the author Elizabeth Foster but the review is voluntary …Thanks Elizabeth!!!

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