A truly special day

Yesterday was Teacher’s Day ! Since ,it was a Sunday ,school was off . And unlike many other kids of his age ,I am yet to see A getting himself into a tizzy about making a card or a video or a drawing to send to his teacher . Though he did write a poem for his teacher today …The surprise came when I tucked him into bed .He put his little arms around me and whispered into my ear ,”Mumma, it is your special day ” ..But I didn’t get it .And then he continued “You teach me so many things .You are my Home teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day “ . I was rendered speechless at the sincerity of his simple words that had come straight from his heart sans any prompting from anyone .My heart is simply bursting with Happiness and Gratitude .In the last 3 years I have often questioned and sometimes second guessed my decision to quit my job and become a stay at home mum . Given that It was a 360 degree turn from the life I had planned it was sometimes killing .But my son’s heart felt words ascribe a value that I had failed to see .I know now that I made the right decision three years ago. It is an invisible medal that I wear round my neck  , an invisible crown placed on my head .

Today is a truly special day ..One that I will cherish for the rest of my life ..


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