My morning commute ….

So my morning commute to work in Gurgaon takes about 30 minutes every day . I get a cab from office for pick up and drop which gives me the luxury to gaze out and observe the world , during those 30 minutes . Since I can never sleep sitting (admittedly it was an inconvenience … Continue reading My morning commute ….

Trial by fire of a Working Mother

Motherhood is exhausting . Most days I feel that I am working in double shifts .One that runs from 8.30 AM to 5:30 PM and another that runs 24 hrs . I know this is such a clichéd topic . Lots has been written on this but I still want to write some more . … Continue reading Trial by fire of a Working Mother

The Curious year of 2017

A year of strange tidings . At no point in my life have I been as clueless regards my future as I am now . My professional life this year has been full of upheavals and uncertainty . Zero visibility driving , not knowing what lies ahead .To add to  it , the brakes have … Continue reading The Curious year of 2017

The Flying Wing

There was an article in today's Economic Times on the Flight Formation dynamics of birds .An example that it cited so often in the corporate world but practised so rarely . Creatures we generally do not credit wih intelligence have perfected the art of teamwork , community living while we are struggling with these concepts … Continue reading The Flying Wing

Weekend ending blues…

The weekend is already over & I can drown in my bucket of misery . The thought of having to go to office tomorrow is just soooo depressing . It's not that my work is not interesting or challenging enough .My work has quite a high level of engagement , it is the politics that … Continue reading Weekend ending blues…

Dog walking -Career option?

I have recently discovered my love for Dogs .It seems like a corollary of having brought June home .And that has now got me wondering if Dog walking can be considered as an alternative career option . I know for a fact that abroad it is a fairly well paid career option .But in India … Continue reading Dog walking -Career option?