What is left behind

I remember you in fragments Flitting in and out like fireflies Tracing familiar patterns in the dark Just beyond my outstretched fingers I wonder , if they are tricks of my mind Pining away for what cannot be mine It all comes back to me sometimes though , When the wind carries your laughter When … Continue reading What is left behind


Salzburg – Not just the “Sound of Music “ tour !!

This post is inspired by our travel to Salzburg almost 5 years ago. I just happened to be going through some of our travel stuff that I had saved to make a scrap book and wondered why the hell I didn’t write about one of our favorite cities! So while I don’t think I am … Continue reading Salzburg – Not just the “Sound of Music “ tour !!

Goodbye Gray

So we have just moved from Delhi to Kolkata. You know, personally I like to keep moving around. I like to explore new cities, new cultures, meeting new people and the like.And I have learnt that every time one moves, you leave behind some bits of yourself and carry some bits from the place you … Continue reading Goodbye Gray

The Balancing Act

Women are the masters of multitasking. Whether it is of one’s own volition or forced by circumstance, we are adept at slipping into multiple roles and donning different hats in life . Our social fabric is such that in addition to pursuing our professional agendas, we also shoulder the lion’s share of household chores and … Continue reading The Balancing Act

The promise of Stardust

The dusty corners of her heart Are the museum of a million hurts Her soul a sanctuary of a thousand aches A hundred broken fragments Hidden away in the corners and crevices of her mind Remains, that refuse to clear away Of tormented days trapped in a cobweb of memories past The debris of a … Continue reading The promise of Stardust

Rebecca – An excerpt

One of my all-time favorites .. Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier Page 1 Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again .It seemed to me I stood by the iron gate leading to the drive, and for a while I could not enter for the way was barred to me .There was a padlock and … Continue reading Rebecca – An excerpt


Travel is the perfect catalyst for breaking out of routine and one’s comfort zone . Whether one is travelling for business or leisure , or an extended weekend vacation , or a family trip , the idea of exploring the unknown has always held a magical allure . Being an avid reader , I was … Continue reading Wanderlust

The Other One in My Husband’s Life

She exudes a magical charm .His eyes light up at the very mention of her . He spends days , weekends  and many scarce PL’s( Privileged Leaves) with her !She gives him company on almost all of his leisure trips . She is his companion on all escapades & adventures .She has him hooked onto … Continue reading The Other One in My Husband’s Life