Alu Fulkopir Dalna

Alu Fulkopir Dalna is a quintessential Bong dish of Cauliflower,Potatoes and Peas .It is very different from the North Indian variety of Alu-Phoolgobhi. A curry in tomato base,balanced with whole spices and ginger , takes the food experience to a new level . The Confluence of many different ingredients , the pungent mustard oil and … Continue reading Alu Fulkopir Dalna

Molushyam to Macher Kalia – My Food Story

Food I have realized is a big part of who you are..Not just literally but metaphorically as well! I am not a foodie. I am just your regular will-eat –what’s –served person. So for the longest time this whole food brouhaha would leave me wondering at what this big deal was all about! I was … Continue reading Molushyam to Macher Kalia – My Food Story

Pujo is Here !!!!!!

The Amazing Great Bengali Festival is Back !!!! So its that time of the year again !When the rich fragrance of the Harsingar lies heavy in the air , the humid ,wet rainy mornings giving way to slightly nippy dawns , of shorter days and of impending festivities ..The other day on our way back … Continue reading Pujo is Here !!!!!!

I’d been to London to see the Queen

Well no,I had not been to London to see the Queen.I had been to Pune's Eleven East Street Cafe at camp.This place is difficult to miss because of a Red ,Big Double Decker bus parked right in front .As one walks in behind the bus is a narrow street which is made to resemble London.Complete … Continue reading I’d been to London to see the Queen

Barbeque nation

Continuing on my quest of places that offer gastronomical delights I checked out Barbeque Nation at Viman Nagar in Pune.It is one of the newer places in Pune.Because it came highly recommended I was all the more eager to try the place out. The interiors are quite cosy.Initially when we walked in ,the AC at … Continue reading Barbeque nation