Molushyam to Macher Kalia – My Food Story

Food I have realized is a big part of who you are..Not just literally but metaphorically as well! I am not a foodie. I am just your regular will-eat –what’s –served person. So for the longest time this whole food brouhaha would leave me wondering at what this big deal was all about! I was … Continue reading Molushyam to Macher Kalia – My Food Story

The Unknown Tangent!!

This unexpected move to Kolkata, has brought many good tidings my way. So, while yes I had to quit my job after 10 years of working, I am thankful for this break. Since I am at home, I am able to spend a lot of my time with my son and June. The best is … Continue reading The Unknown Tangent!!

The Balancing Act

Women are the masters of multitasking. Whether it is of one’s own volition or forced by circumstance, we are adept at slipping into multiple roles and donning different hats in life . Our social fabric is such that in addition to pursuing our professional agendas, we also shoulder the lion’s share of household chores and … Continue reading The Balancing Act