Salzburg – Not just the “Sound of Music “ tour !!

This post is inspired by our travel to Salzburg almost 5 years ago. I just happened to be going through some of our travel stuff that I had saved to make a scrap book and wondered why the hell I didn’t write about one of our favorite cities! So while I don’t think I am … Continue reading Salzburg – Not just the “Sound of Music “ tour !!


Travel is the perfect catalyst for breaking out of routine and one’s comfort zone . Whether one is travelling for business or leisure , or an extended weekend vacation , or a family trip , the idea of exploring the unknown has always held a magical allure . Being an avid reader , I was … Continue reading Wanderlust

The Joys of Reading & Being Read to

My 3 year old loves books . Obviously he is too young to read on his own , but loves being read to . I have been reading to him since the time he was an infant . In fact , the first book that I read out to him was “A Suitable Boy”  by … Continue reading The Joys of Reading & Being Read to

Pujo is Here !!!!!!

The Amazing Great Bengali Festival is Back !!!! So its that time of the year again !When the rich fragrance of the Harsingar lies heavy in the air , the humid ,wet rainy mornings giving way to slightly nippy dawns , of shorter days and of impending festivities ..The other day on our way back … Continue reading Pujo is Here !!!!!!

Honeymoon Travels to Egypt

So for our honeymoon after much deliberation we finally figured on Egypt. I had wanted to go to Greece , but because it was winters we scrapped the plan . As an alternative N suggested that we go to Egypt . Egypt figured quite prominently on my To-Visit list and so I did not bat … Continue reading Honeymoon Travels to Egypt

My life in ruins

I am watching this movie called "My life in ruins". It is about this chick who had a teaching assignment in Greece and due to cutbacks loses the job and becomes a tourist guide .Aaand it is again making me want to plan a trip to Greece .I have been wanting to go to Greece … Continue reading My life in ruins

Back to the Grind

After a week long holiday , monday morning at Office sounds so uninspiring . Never realised how quickly the week just flew by and it was already time to pack bags & get back to Mumbai . The only positive aspect was that I was getting back to June .Delhi -Bhopal- Agra -Delhi- Mumbai ..Packed … Continue reading Back to the Grind