Dilli Meri Jaan….

Winters have arrived .And so has the season of weddings in Delhi !And I think nobody does weddings better than the Punjabis of Delhi .The Bling ,the Zing & The Swag … . Aah what a heady cocktail . And what are celebrations without one ! Unabashedly tipsy uncles busy with their “CaroBar”, Testosterone fuelled … Continue reading Dilli Meri Jaan….

Of Dragons ,of Witches & Wands & Magic all around

So , the Other day we (My son & I ) were watching this movie called Pete’s dragon . For those who haven’t seen the movie , its about this child who is in an unfortunate car accident with his parents & wanders into the forest before help arrives . In the woods , perchance … Continue reading Of Dragons ,of Witches & Wands & Magic all around

Dogs are the Best

I think Dogs are the best ..Ever .Period . I can’t believe I lived for so long without loving one . But despite the delay , the one That God chose to place in my life is simply perfect .Not one day of my life ever since June came home has gone without me marveling … Continue reading Dogs are the Best

Marriage-Knot or noose

Yesterday , while we were waiting for our cab to arrive a bickering couple walked past us . I turned to look as the loud voices crossed us .Incidentally they decided to stop right behind us .There was no way I could avoid listening in . Well dressed they looked like an upper middle class … Continue reading Marriage-Knot or noose

Forgiveness-Self Healing

I saw this video today about a holocaust victim . Her name is Eva .Eva's family used to live in small village in Romania . When the Germans overran their area , her family was captured and sent to Auschwitz . Her family comprised of her parents , her twin sister and 3 other siblings … Continue reading Forgiveness-Self Healing

“Sari”torial Love- Sari Sagas

Despite the Fact it was my “Go-to-Garment” of choice for all my interviews , Group discussions & other formal events when doing my MBA , the Sari was not my preferred daily wear . My choice then stemmed from a desire to stand out from the sea of Black-grey-white Formal suits . Exclusivity was always … Continue reading “Sari”torial Love- Sari Sagas

Pujo is Here !!!!!!

The Amazing Great Bengali Festival is Back !!!! So its that time of the year again !When the rich fragrance of the Harsingar lies heavy in the air , the humid ,wet rainy mornings giving way to slightly nippy dawns , of shorter days and of impending festivities ..The other day on our way back … Continue reading Pujo is Here !!!!!!

The Silent Battles

That I am a woman . I am conflicted whether I should feel happy about it or sad about it . Incidentally , my growing up years were bereft of  such ambiguities regarding my sex . I was completely oblivious to such banalities . Now I realize that was all thanks to my parents who … Continue reading The Silent Battles