An Autumn Symphony

Nature is my biggest muse . I can never tire of its vast bounty . Though hugely inspired ,I think one lifetime is insufficient to trace its contours and munificence . ..Neverthless ,bit by bit I 'll try ... #poetsofinstagram #autumnvibes #autumnpoetry #poetscorner #poemsofig #poetrylovers #readersandwriters #words #poetess #poetryandprose

When the rains came

I watched the fading lights ,the disappearing building silhouettes And the steel grey sheets of rain I saw the drops splattering in a random pattern And the misting window pane I felt the wind framing runaway wisps of hair around my face And felt myself melting in its soft embrace I heard the raucous call … Continue reading When the rains came

What is left behind

I remember you in fragments Flitting in and out like fireflies Tracing familiar patterns in the dark Just beyond my outstretched fingers I wonder , if they are tricks of my mind Pining away for what cannot be mine It all comes back to me sometimes though , When the wind carries your laughter When … Continue reading What is left behind