Book Review-Room on The Roof

Book Review-Room on the Roof Author-Ruskin Bond I have been a big fan of Ruskin Bond’s since my school days and yet I am baffled at why I have not put up a single review of his books. My love affair with Mr Bond began with Rusty when I think I was in my 4th … Continue reading Book Review-Room on The Roof

Book Review-Sea of Poppies

Book -Sea of Poppies Author-Amitava Ghosh I immensely enjoy Amitava Ghosh’s writings. Of the contemporary Indian authors who write in English , I rate him highly . And so ,I was really looking forward to reading the Sea of Poppies . This book is the first in the Ibis Trilogy . The story is set … Continue reading Book Review-Sea of Poppies

Book Review-Marley and me :Life and Love with the world’s worst dog

Marley and me ...It could very well have been June and me !! So, Marley and me is a book that I read after I had seen the movie . So there were really no surprises .Plus I also was unfazed with all the criticism around the book . I loved the book for what … Continue reading Book Review-Marley and me :Life and Love with the world’s worst dog

Alu Fulkopir Dalna

Alu Fulkopir Dalna is a quintessential Bong dish of Cauliflower,Potatoes and Peas .It is very different from the North Indian variety of Alu-Phoolgobhi. A curry in tomato base,balanced with whole spices and ginger , takes the food experience to a new level . The Confluence of many different ingredients , the pungent mustard oil and … Continue reading Alu Fulkopir Dalna

No , one can never be prepared enough…

I don’t think one can ever be prepared enough to deal with death . I am not sure if I will publish this post but I have to write it anyway . Whether you know a person’s time is limited or no , death is always a shock . My father in law had been … Continue reading No , one can never be prepared enough…

When the rains came

I watched the fading lights ,the disappearing building silhouettes And the steel grey sheets of rain I saw the drops splattering in a random pattern And the misting window pane I felt the wind framing runaway wisps of hair around my face And felt myself melting in its soft embrace I heard the raucous call … Continue reading When the rains came