Losing his Beloved Dadu

Its been more than 1 year since my father-in-law passed away ..Though we didn't share an easy relationship , his death did leave  a void in our lives . But as adults we are better equipped to deal with the finality of death . One understands ,even though the loss is forever ,that all who … Continue reading Losing his Beloved Dadu

Harry Potter – Relevant Always !!

"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." The wizened Albus Dumbledore spoke these words to Harry .  After Harry emerges from the Chamber of Secrets, he expresses fear over the uncanny similarities between himself and Voldemort, telling Dumbledore that the Sorting Hat nearly placed him in … Continue reading Harry Potter – Relevant Always !!

Book Review-Age of Innocence

Book Review- Age of Innocence Author-Edith Wharton Age of Innocence reminds me of Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro in many ways . Although this book was written almost a hundred year ago in 1920 , the themes touched in both the books are eerily similar .This is the 1921 Pulitzer winner for Fiction. … Continue reading Book Review-Age of Innocence

Book Review-Marley and me :Life and Love with the world’s worst dog

Marley and me ...It could very well have been June and me !! So, Marley and me is a book that I read after I had seen the movie . So there were really no surprises .Plus I also was unfazed with all the criticism around the book . I loved the book for what … Continue reading Book Review-Marley and me :Life and Love with the world’s worst dog

Alu Fulkopir Dalna

Alu Fulkopir Dalna is a quintessential Bong dish of Cauliflower,Potatoes and Peas .It is very different from the North Indian variety of Alu-Phoolgobhi. A curry in tomato base,balanced with whole spices and ginger , takes the food experience to a new level . The Confluence of many different ingredients , the pungent mustard oil and … Continue reading Alu Fulkopir Dalna

When the rains came

I watched the fading lights ,the disappearing building silhouettes And the steel grey sheets of rain I saw the drops splattering in a random pattern And the misting window pane I felt the wind framing runaway wisps of hair around my face And felt myself melting in its soft embrace I heard the raucous call … Continue reading When the rains came

Book Review- Love in Exile by Ayse Kulin

Love in Exile is inspired by the Author’s own forbearers. An intergenerational story set in the sunset years of the Ottoman Empire. Beautifully brings to the fore the conflicts of tradition and modernity unable to negotiate the chasm between idealism and reality. This book is a brilliant kaleidoscope of an evolving Turkish society. The book … Continue reading Book Review- Love in Exile by Ayse Kulin

Book Review- Book Thief by Markus Zusak

A masterpiece by Markus Zusak . A historical fiction written with such a lot of heart that its difficult to stay unmoved . I absolutely loved it . It’s not a book that should be read in a single night, though it can be . It’s to be read slowly, savoured to say . The … Continue reading Book Review- Book Thief by Markus Zusak