Adios 2018

Bidding adieu to 2018 in 4 days from today . This has been a splendid year . Happier,healthier,contented and sorted in my head. As I sit at my desk , basking in the warmth of the winter sun , munching my way through some delicious Gajar ka halwa and watching kids play in the park … Continue reading Adios 2018


When the rains came

I watched the fading lights ,the disappearing building silhouettes And the steel grey sheets of rain I saw the drops splattering in a random pattern And the misting window pane I felt the wind framing runaway wisps of hair around my face And felt myself melting in its soft embrace I heard the raucous call … Continue reading When the rains came

Book Review- The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

Jeanette Walls , a successful gossip columnist recounts her dysfunctional family life and childhood in this book . Her memory of her childhood is detailed and extensive .Typically as memoirs go , they are capable of evoking either a deep sense of respect /empathy or a sense of disappointment. When I finished reading this book … Continue reading Book Review- The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

Google’s Doodles

. I remember when I logged into Google & was pleasantly surprised to see the Guitar Doodle . For the rest of the day , I was fascinated with the Guitar & was trying to make music albeit unsuccessfully .. The doodles are a unique way to celebrate holidays, festivals , Commemorate Birthdays , Anniversaries … Continue reading Google’s Doodles